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Best Kind of Vacation

4 Reasons Why Camping is the Best Kind of Vacation

Maybe you used to go camping with your mother and father as a child and are looking to create new family memories with your children in the same stunning and natural locations many years later.

Alternatively, maybe you are exploring new and more unique vacation ideas other than the standard all-inclusive weeks’ vacation in the sunshine.

Whatever your motivation, continue reading to learn why camping is the best kind of vacation. 

     1. You Will Learn New Skills 

Firstly, one of the best benefits of camping of them all and indeed, why it is so much richer and more enjoyable than a regular stay at a chain hotel, is that you and the rest of your family will learn a range of new and indeed, highly transferable, skills.

Even after your first time pitching a tent and building a campfire will not only help you feel closer to nature but give you a sense of independence as you provide for yourself and the rest of your party without the aid of modern technologies and conveniences.

      2. A Boost to Your Physical Health

Now, this next point is not to say that you are unable to stay fit and healthy and even increase your core levels of physical fitness when sunbathing at a specially designed resort, but when out camping, the fresh air will fill your lungs, and your circulation will improve.

Due to the nature of camping, you will be physically exerting yourself, even if this is only centered around pitching and organizing your tent and dismantling and packing it away when you leave. On the average day camping, especially when you choose less commercial and more ‘out of the way’ campsites, you will walk more than you imagine you will and could even return from vacation a little trimmer in the process.

Your emotional health and wellbeing will also be boosted, as camping vacations have been proven to be an excellent way to reduce stress and anxiety.

      3. Unparalleled Breathtaking Views 

Lake George camping would be the perfect example of the breathtaking views only available when you decide to sleep under the stars and can make for the most amazing romantic break of the year. 

With custom-built holiday resorts, there are often beautiful views of the ocean and surrounding towns. Still, nothing can beat being entirely nestled in nature, with nothing to hear apart from the hoots of owls and the scuttling of squirrels in the nearby trees.

      4. Camping Builds Confidence

Whether you are planning on a camping trip on your own or with your partner, or else with your young and excitable children in tow, there is something to be said for reminding everyone how much richer life can be without reliance and constant usage of mobile phones and tablets.

Instead, confidence can come from finding more wholesome and natural forms of entertainment. This independence found when camping and exploring the local area can do wonders for both adults and childrens’ sense of self-worth and self-esteem. 

Written by
Zachary Douglas
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Written by Zachary Douglas