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Uber Driving Tips

5 Uber Driving Tips for Higher Ratings and Better Tips

When you are an Uber driver, your ratings significantly impact your pay and the work you get. Having positive ratings is why you must work hard to give your customers the best service possible. 

Some people may not take their Uber job seriously. But you can stand out and make every delivery exceptional to the restaurant and customer. With the help of a few tips from the pros, you can become a five-star driver. Plus, you’ll receive better tips for your excellent work! 

Go through the following Uber driver hacks to know what to implement in your delivery work.

1. Courtesy and Respect

Since the job involves interacting with various people, you must remember that customer relations come into play. Talk to each client respectfully and find the best way to handle their requests. Since the client determines your ratings, be courteous and treat them like the boss. This way, they will give you an easy time and appreciate your work.

If you’re an Uber driver, remember that not everyone needing a ride will want to chat. Learn to read the room to determine whether the person prefers to conversate. Many times, clients prefer to reach their destination in silence. 

You may be an Uber Eats driver. If so, it’s crucial to show respect when picking up orders from different restaurants. Even when you meet people having a bad day, do what you can to improve the conversation. Give your best to each person you encounter and leave them with a smile. Offering them a smile ensures you bring happiness to someone’s day. Not to mention, maintaining a positive attitude improves your chances of having better ratings.

2. Neatness and Cleanliness

You must always ensure top-notch cleanliness to avoid contamination when dealing with food. The first step is to make sure that your appearance speaks for you. Wear clean clothes and maintain a neat look. Your hair should be pulled back as well. The food you pick up to deliver likely will come packaged up well. Even so, you don’t have any unnecessary hairs or debris sneaking into the packaging. 

When your clients see you, they should have confidence in what you deliver. An untidy look will automatically lead to lower ratings. Unfortunately, they may jump to the conclusion that their food was mishandled. So, do everything you can to maintain a clean appearance. 

The next step is to ensure that your ride is clean. Whether you have a car, motorbike, or bicycle, don’t allow it to accumulate dirt. Go for regular cleaning and maintenance. Your transportation needs to look presentable so that you maintain a professional front. 

3. Handle the Food Properly

Once you receive the food, you must fasten it properly to avoid spillage or any mess. Customers will rate your services poorly if they receive food that is not in perfect condition. Therefore, you need to put everything in their proper position. Secure drinks and fluids tightly. Securing them properly ensures they will only move around a little on a bumpy road. Place pizza on a flat surface with the top side above if you carry pizza. The last thing you want is for the pizza to flip upside down and ruin the pizza. 

4. Start the Journey Immediately

Customers who order food online rely on the driver to deliver their meals in good time. Therefore, once you pick up the food from the restaurant, start your journey immediately to your destination. 

Some drivers take time on the road to accumulate the per-minute payment. However, the faster you deliver the food, the better the rating. You may also get a better tip from the customer for bringing the food while it is hot. A happier customer will earn you more in that delivery and improve your future earnings.

5. Use the Most Efficient Route

Part of making better deliveries is using the best route. This also benefits the Uber drivers who ferry people. Ensure you choose a road with minimal traffic and one that takes you to the destination in the shortest time. If the client has a preferred route, it is best to use what they recommend. You should go on this route even if it doesn’t match what the map suggests. Giving your customers’ needs priority will improve their satisfaction and, thus, ratings.


As an Uber Eats driver, you must consider what the client needs. Giving your best to each client using the above tips guarantees five-star ratings and increased trips. When you leave them with a smile, they make your work better. 

Restaurant staff also have the potential to make your work better through better ratings. Therefore, you need to make their work easier whenever you pick up an order for your client. Improve your service and enjoy better pay with every order you take. You’ll be well on your way to achieving a successful career as an Uber driver. 

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John Winter
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Written by John Winter