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Social Media Audit

Conducting Social Media Audit with NetbaseQuid

Behind any successful business, there is always a sound social media marketing strategy. A social media audit is a process through which business metrics are studied to identify strengths and weaknesses. It informs what can be done to improve the business’s social presence.

NetbaseQuid uses powerful tools to provide insights about client and visitor habits. Through our innovative artificial intelligence (AI), we can help drive meaningful engagement in your brand.

The following section highlights several facts about a social audit.

1. Social Media Audit Services

Below is what we normally check when conducting an audit of your social marketing strategy.

Network Activity

We check how frequently your business social channels are monitored and maintained. Besides, it is vital to know whether the profiles are constantly upheld across your business.

Competitor Activity

Our company will seek to establish how your competitors use social channels. In doing so, we get to know whether there are industry trends that your company can adopt. Also, we will check valuable competitor trends your business may follow.

Gap Analysis and Opportunities

What social networks should your organization be using? We scrutinize any existing gaps in your competitor’s social activities. Therefore, your business can take advantage and exploit such gaps.

Review of Advertising Content

Are your business ads suitable with relevant content? Are your social media marketing strategies timely and targeting the appropriate users? Implementing social media marketing strategies that boost your campaign performance is crucial. We also check whether your ads are optimized through regular content rotation.

2. Effective Social Media Audit

Here is how you can identify a successful service in performing the audit.

Network Performance Analysis

The numbers of followers, shares, or mentions tell a lot about a social audit service. It would be helpful if you capitalize on the strengths of each of your brand’s networks. You should commit more resources if your customer engagement is better through Twitter.

Content Performance Analysis

Some ads will drive more traffic, thereby positively impacting your business. Such posts will not only attract more views but lead to conversions. It is important to optimize the content in a format that is mobile-friendly consistently.

After all majority of the audience uses mobile to access services. Hence, a huge junk of internet traffic is through mobile. It would be helpful if you don’t lose prospective clients due to sluggish mobile loading periods.

Workflow Health Check

Reflecting on the functioning of the whole team in your organization is vital. Publishing quality control and planning the content calendar are some processes that should need streamlining.

Prompt turnaround on messages is significant in community management. For instance, you can create a response template to common questions. It helps in reducing the time taken to reply.

3. What Do You Look for in Social Audit?

Normally, each brand may have different priorities regarding these audits. Nevertheless, you can still customize your audit template to suit your needs. Ensure you include the following:

  • Engagement metrics
  • Channel specific metrics
  • Profile information, including name and URL
  • Audience demographics
  • Referral traffic
  • Publishing metrics

4. How Long Can a Social Media Audit Take?

Social media audits are not that tedious. While the time taken to conduct these audits may vary, a quick one can take 30 minutes. However, a comprehensive look into all your accounts can take a few hours.

5. Cost of Social Media Marketing

Coming up with a social media marketing budget is quite complicated. There are numerous factors to be considered. So, may have to narrow it down to social media marketing activities.

Some of the common social media factors with cost implications include:

  • Number of networks
  • Number of posts and custom images
  • Competitor analysis
  • Number of promoted posts
  • Social media optimization
  • Generally, the cost of auditing ranges between $300 to $5000. It depends on the number of platforms being audited and the size of the accounts.

Concluding Remarks

You can use an audit to check your social media profiles very fast. Therefore, it enables you to identify what is working, what has failed, and what to do to improve.

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John Winter
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Written by John Winter