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Wedding Day Superstitions

Excellent Advice for Looking & Feeling Your Best on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is going to go down as one of the most memorable and hopefully fantastically happy and joyous days of your entire life, and the more confident you feel, both in terms of your appearance and your state of mind, the better.With that said, read on to discover some great advice for looking and feeling your best on your wedding day. 

Go for a Morning Run

First and foremost, one of the best ways to get your body moving, your blood circulating, and of course, to get rid of some of the nervous energy you feel is to head out for a quick, twenty-minute, morning run. 

Alternatively, you could instead head out to the garden (or else clear a space inside) and practice some deep-breathing, meditation exercises or some key yoga poses to support your core. 

Breaking a sweat in this way will also provide your skin with a healthy glow, which will be visible to every single one of your wedding guests and be immortalized in your wedding photographs for years to come. 

Get Lots of Sleep in the Days Before the Wedding

Even if you only lose a few nights of complete and uninterrupted deep sleep in the weeks leading up to your wedding day, this could have more of a negative and destructive impact on both how you look and how you feel than you might imagine. 

Make sure that you go to bed at a reasonable time, that your bedroom itself is a quiet and relaxing place to recharge, and that you don’t take your smartphone or tablet to bed with you. 

Avoid Having to Wear Your Glasses

Weirdly, even though glasses are now something of a fashion trend, you would still be hard-pressed to find a picture in a bridal magazine of a bride wearing glasses as they walk down the aisle.

If you are someone who needs to wear their contact lensesor spectacles in order to see properly, then there are ways to eradicate this need altogether. LASIK surgery Adelaide is the leading treatment and indeed, the most popular choice, and choosing laser eye surgery will benefit you in the following ways:

  • It’s painless way to drastically improve your vision.
  • It has a lifetime guarantee.
  • There’s a rapid level of recovery in both eyes.
  • You won’t have to constantly search for your glasses.
  • It’s safe and quick procedure (usually lasting under thirty minutes.)


Prepare Some Lemon Water

Finally, an incredibly simple way of ensuring that your body doesn’t become bloated and your tummy doesn’t feel and look fuller in your wedding dress is, as soon as you wakeup on the morning of your wedding day, start to sip a warm (but not hot) glass of lemon water. Not only is this hydrating drink great for settling your stomach, but it will also help your skin to appear healthy and provide you with an extra glow deserving of a beautiful bride. 

Written by
Zachary Douglas
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Written by Zachary Douglas