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Content Trends

How Brands Engage Users: Content Trends

Consumer demand for quality content is increasing daily. Today, many companies offer similar products at similar prices, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to surprise customers. New models and marketing tools to increase the profitability of companies appear all the time, but not all of them become trends. At the same time, there are effective solutions, using which the brand will strengthen its position in the market and increase its success.

Experts of Advertex marketing agency know exactly how to increase online sales. They apply the best practices of digital promotion both from your subject and from related business areas. This is what will make you head and shoulders above your competitors and bring leads and sales. Here they develop online business promotion strategies with a step-by-step action plan and ensure their implementation.

Interaction through personalization

Content personalization – providing the user with advertising based on information about himself (history of visits, gender, age, hobbies, geography). All this improves the user experience and encourages a person to make spontaneous purchases. It is important that text content is displayed to a specific person at the right time. The more the ad is personalized, the less the user has the desire to close it.

It also matters what category of consumers a person belongs to: a new or warm lead, a user at the decision-making stage, or a client. So, introductory blogs, visual content, and online brochures are suitable for new leads, invitations to webinars, product reviews, demos are suitable for warm leads. If the user makes a purchase decision, it is worth telling him about special offers, promotions, and benefits, and customers will be interested in information about updates, new versions.

Brands should use all suitable popular channels to communicate with the audience – social networks, instant messengers, website. Thus, 44.8% of users turn to social networks in search of information about the company.

If a company takes advantage of the unique tools of each of the sites, then the risk of losing part of the audience under the pressure of active competitors is minimal for it. If the brand is presented only on 1-2 sites, it remains narrowly focused and loses potential consumers. If there is a negative about the company, and without the reaction of its representative, then users will have a strong negative impression of it.

Audience values and business

More and more customers want to know what is going on behind the scenes of the company. At the same time, transparency matters for all users, regardless of their demographic group. Many users are sure that business integrity is the most important thing today.

It is also important what political and social position the brand conveys. Many companies today have to make difficult decisions about how they will interact with their target audience and respond to events taking place in the world. The main task of the brand is to create material and work for user retention and long-term loyalty, and for this, it is necessary to take care of the values of the audience.

Integration of social networks with online commerce

Social media expands the functionality of shopping: the opportunity to place an order is already available on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat. In the coming year, the integration of social networks with online stores will only increase.

According to Advertex, 30% of users plan to buy goods and services directly through social networks and marketplaces, and 87% admit that it was information from social networks that inspired them to purchase.

SEO copywriting

The effectiveness of keywords to get a site to the top positions of search results is still high. SEO optimization is exactly the trend that remains unchanged and at the same time is regularly updated. So, new tools have appeared – for example, the Google Trends service: it shows how the popularity of various key queries has changed over a specific period of time. With the help of Google Trends, you can select the most frequent phrases that will ensure a quick increase in the position of the site. By enlisting the help of a dedicated local SEO company, such as YEAH! Local SEO, you can ensure all your content is relevant to your specific location.

Focus on the bottom sales funnel

In 2023, the focus is on the bottom stage of the sales funnel, i.e. products and services. Advertex content marketers focus on their core customers and use robust, proven tactics. Companies are in no hurry to spend the budget on researching new tools and strategies.


So, content marketing trends increase the ranking of the site, improve the user experience and expand the target audience. All this increases the efficiency of the company and its profit. The main content marketing trends are personalized communication with the user, honesty, and transparency, the search for new ideas for articles and posts from foreign sources, chat bots, SEO texts.
Also, do not forget about site optimization (high download speed, simple and intuitive interface), video content, cooperation with opinion leaders, experts, and specialists. More information https://www.boostserps.com

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Written by John Winter