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New Dog

How to Bond with Your New Dog

One of the most enjoyable experiences in life for dog lovers is to buy or rescue a new dog and bring it into their home to become part of the family. Seeing a maltreated rescue dog improve in health and grow in confidence as it gains your trust can be incredibly rewarding. However, raising a rescue dog can be challenging, and many adults seek to take a puppy into their homes so that they can raise it with love and respect from its early years. 

Regardless of whether you have just got a puppy or an older rescue dog, you will want to be able to bond with it effectively. It must learn that you are to be trusted and that it can feel safe and secure in its new and unfamiliar home environment. In this article, some key ways in which you can bond with your dog and gain its trust will be explored.

Relax together indoors 

Regardless of whether you have a young puppy or a rescue dog, it will need to become familiar with your home environment and feel safe in its new surroundings. Dogs can get anxious in unfamiliar environments, especially at night time if they are left alone. In the first few weeks of dog ownership, spend lots of time relaxing together in the house. For adults who enjoy gaming, an ideal way to pass the time with your new dog is to sit down in the living room with the dog near you while you enjoy some casino games on your smartphone. Online casinos can provide hours of adult fun as you test your luck on a range of slot machines and card games. If your dog is nervous, turn down the volume on your games so as not to scare them. This form of online entertainment will ensure that you have an absorbing activity to take part in while your dog learns to relax in the new home environment. As such, gaming sites can be enjoyed 24/7; you can play at any time of day while also being present to reassure your new pet.

Take walks in the country

One of the greatest pleasures in life for any dog is to get outdoors with its owner and enjoy a long walk. Depending on the breed you choose, they may need only one good walk a day, while others may require more frequent or longer walks to stay healthy. Take a walk in the country together to enjoy the fresh air and the opportunity for your dog to explore. It is important to take treats with you so that you can train the dog to return to you when it is off the lead or train it with a dog whistle. 

Offer treats and rewards while training

You will also need to train your dog, especially if it is a puppy or an older dog that has not been fully trained. This is also a vital way to bond with your new dog. For puppies, ensuring that they learn to go to the toilet outside is one of the key early priorities. Toilet training can be challenging, but by following a set schedule of letting them outdoors and encouraging them to use the same spot, your dog can be house-trained in a week. For all forms of training, offer dog treats as a reward for their obedience and understanding. Dogs quickly understand a rewards-based method of training, and treats can be highly effective in ensuring that your dog is house-trained and can follow simple commands. 

Written by
Zachary Douglas
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Written by Zachary Douglas