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Supermicro Computer Inc. is a leading supplier of motherboards and server solutions for organizations worldwide. In recent years, Supermicro has been offering a range of deep learning gpus for the accelerated processing of neural network training models that are used in self-driving cars, facial recognition systems, speech recognition systems, and more. Supermicom also provides server solutions including blade servers and multi-node cluster systems which allow organizations to create parallel computing clusters using the latest hardware with state-of-the art performance and capabilities.

Supermicro Computer Inc offers additional products such as storage controllers, networking switches or storage gateways that can be integrated into cloud platforms or Data Centers. The company has an extensive international network of distribution and supply chain partners to help organizations around the world.

Supermicro was listed as the first China-based company to deliver a fully-operational AI supercomputer in China. Supermicro also just announced a new lineup of high performance server solutions for AI, including deep learning gpus, speaker recognition systems, facial recognition system and more. They are also planning on providing their technologies to assist other countries in their AI development.

Recently, the California-based DeepMind announced that they had built a new AI system that is twice as powerful and also cost half of what other AI systems do. This system was composed of thousands of servers which were developed, deployed and managed by

Supermicro. While other AI systems rely on dedicated GPUs to perform neural network training tasks at a high speed, DeepMind’s model was using Nvidia’s Tensor Core, which is an integrated mobile processing platform that uses Deep learning gpus to accelerate training parameters. The new model required fewer nodes in order to achieve the same level of accuracy which means these Intel Xeon CPUs and Nividia GPUs can be deployed within a single server enclosure.

Supermicro Computer has won numerous awards and recognitions for their innovative technologies and services. Most notably, the company was awarded a prestigious 2017 China Brand Award for the ”Best Artificial Intelligence Solution”. The company also won the “2016 China Top Brand Award – Best Bumper Sticker & Mug”, The “2015 China Top Brand Award – Best AI Innovator”, and the “2015 ETRI International Design Heritage Award”. In 2015, Supermicro was also recommended in Global Data Centers Magazine as one of the top 13 companies to work for based on employee satisfaction.

Supermicro has announced that they are planning on expanding their business in the Middle East and Africa region. They will be partnering with NAFTI which is a Kuwait based national institution that focuses on improving the digital infrastructure services sector. The company will provide was able to extend trading, marketing and sales channels while also setting up regional supply chain partners.

Supermicro Computer Inc. is one of the first company to have an official presence in Africa. They have launched an office in Nairobi with plans to easily expand their business in South Africa, Rwanda, Kenya and more countries coming soon.

Supermicro also just announced a new partnership with IBM which will be working together to provide deep learning gpus, servers, storage and software to firms. The new hybrid cloud offerings will help businesses run AI workloads in the cloud while being operated on hardware resources in-house. It will also give organizations access to services and support provided by IBM and Supermicro.

The company has also demonstrated their hybrid cloud platform at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show. The system was composed of a server cluster with four NVIDIA V100 GPU accelerators that were used for Deep Learning

training tasks along with Supermicro’s expansion chassis which was used for Nvidia K80 GPU accelerators for computing tasks.

Deep learning gpus were used to perform AI computing tasks while the expansion chassis could be used for training, testing and production

workloads. Supermicro Computer Inc. is one of the most innovative firms in the world today. The company continues to push the boundaries of what society expects from technology by creating new technologies that everyone can benefit from and that can improve

the lives of those who use them. They are also committed to creating healthier environments by providing products that can help reduce the carbon footprint left behind by modern organizations.

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Written by John Winter