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AWS to Google Cloud

When Should You Switch From AWS to Google Cloud Platform?

Companies and industries are shifting to cloud computing systems to handle data storage and other computing services, creating a quandary over which cloud services to use.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) dominated the industry as a pioneer service, benefiting from a first-mover advantage. Nevertheless, the growth of alternative on-demand IT services, such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP), has posed a serious challenge to AWS’s dominance.

The main question is why businesses are switching from AWS to GCP, and when should you transition as a business?

5 Reasons to Switch from Amazon Web Services to Google Cloud

There should be no discussion about when firms should migrate to Google Cloud if there are no compelling reasons. Google Cloud has shown its worth in the market over the years by providing the greatest cloud computing solution. Here are a few reasons why you might consider using Google Cloud:


Cybersecurity and data protection will always be compelling arguments for selecting one IT service over another. Yet, regarding security, Google has a distinct commercial edge. Google outperforms Amazon in terms of default end-to-end encryption services. AWS does not provide data encryption as a default.

Google’s servers are also geared toward user security, and the Cloud DLP tool makes it easier for users to discover and handle sensitive data.

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence.

The Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) of Google’s AI unit is a critical invention that enables quicker and more effective training of machine learning models. As a result, people may start creating AI right now. AWS, on the other hand, has no TPU equivalent.

Apart from employing AI to improve its services, Google Cloud is also an excellent platform for customers who want to construct AI or machine learning systems.


Google Cloud is leveraging Kubernetes to please its users; in many ways, Amazon used its first-mover advantage to capture most of the market.

Kubernetes is a free and open-source platform for managing containerized workloads and services, allowing declarative setup and automation.

Google Cloud users receive instant access to new development and upgrades in Kubernetes, but Amazon users must wait for rollouts.

Open Source Software

Open-source technologies are an essential component of current IT services. Google has created approximately 2,000 open-source projects in the last decade. Although Amazon provides specific open-source solutions, Google is the industry leader.

Google’s open-source approach may help its users in various ways, and there is a quantifiable way to determine how advantageous Google Cloud can be to a competitor’s user. For example, the Google Kubernetes Engine performs better in the Google Cloud Platform than in AWS.

Reasonable Prices

Google Cloud provides an amazing price alternative that is far superior to AWS. Furthermore, Google Cloud solutions are safe and appealing to Development and Operations teams while being cost-effective.

As your systems function for an extended time with no upfront expenditures, the platform provides several special savings. They may add up quickly in corporate settings. Furthermore, the issue of hidden costs, which Amazon is notorious for, does not apply to Google, which has a much more straightforward pricing scheme.

One advantage of Google Cloud is its fantastic plan for firms that cannot pay. The Google Cloud Platform free plan includes the most important features, such as 28 frontend instance hours and 9 backend instance hours per day on Google App Engine. It also includes 5GB of Google Cloud Storage Regional Storage and 1GB of storage on Cloud Firestore, Google Cloud’s NoSQL document database.

When Should You Go From AWS to Google Cloud?

The Google Cloud Platform has given AWS a run for its money, so the question of why is very well answered. The topic of when, on the other hand, deserves further investigation.

AWS is unquestionably an efficient, highly adaptable, and scalable service. But you will know it is time to migrate when the existing tools no longer meet your requirements.

Google Cloud provides intuitive and user-friendly features as part of its system. Furthermore, integration modules like Kubernetes and Cloud Functions are available, making Google Cloud the most developer-friendly tool.

Suppose your company runs several complex systems simultaneously, and the costs of maintaining an on-demand computing service that will help you save money are rising. In that case, it may be time to make a change.

Finally, depending on whether Google Cloud is accessible in your location, you should consider switching when the benefits and capabilities provided by the AWS platform do not outweigh the expenses.

Another Reason to Use Google Cloud

Even if you recognize it is time to transfer to Google Cloud, determining how to proceed may be difficult. Fortunately, Google Cloud migration services will make your shift to Google Cloud as smooth as possible.

Effective migration practices assure full compliance and data governance; having specialists knowledgeable with migration in every IT environment ensures you don’t lose data during the move.

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Written by John Winter