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Why Isn’t My Home Selling?

Has your home been on the market for some time now and is yet to secure a sale? Perhaps you’ve had a lot of interest but no solid offers? Either way, it can be incredibly frustrating, not to mention disheartening, when you’re unable to sell your home. So, why isn’t your property selling when other homeowners in your area seem to have no problem getting people to sign on the dotted line? Here are the top reasons why your home may not be selling, as well as expert advice on how to get more potential buyers interested in your property. 

Your home needs staging 

Having your home ready for potential buyers can take its toll, especially if you’ve been trying to sell it for some time now. However, if you want people to make an offer on your property, they need to be able to imagine themselves living in it. The beauty of staging your home is that it can help people to visualize the space better and this can help them to see if it meets their expectations or not. 

Your home lacks curb appeal 

If you’ve focused all your efforts on the inside of your home but failed to update its front, then this could be the reason why your house isn’t selling. Referred to as curb appeal, this is the first impression that people get when they see your property and this has a huge impact on how they feel about your home. 

Make sure that your front lawn is well maintained, any garbage cans are out of sight, and that your exterior windows and doors are clean and presentable. 

Yourreal estate agent isn’t doing their job 

Another common reason why people struggle to sell their homes is that their real estate agent isn’t doing their job properly. It’s crucial to be in regular contact with your real estate agent so you can check up on your property’s progress and ask any questions you may have. 

If you’ve opted for an online real estate agent to save money but your home isn’t selling, you may want to consider hiring a traditional estate agent instead, such as these estate agents in Clifton, who are known for their ability to achieve a quick sale. 

Your home looks cluttered 

Take a look around your home. Does it look clean and clutter-free? If not, this may be putting off potential buyers who can’t visualize themselves living in your home. 

Although it can be challenging to keep your home looking at its best at all times, it’s important to keep clutter such as toys, clothes, paperwork, and old household items to a minimum. If you have a lot of things that you need to get rid of, it may be worth hiring a household garbage removal company to come and collect it all for you. 

The photos of your home are low quality 

Don’t underestimate the importance of the photographs taken of your home for your chosen real estate agent’s website. These are often the first glimpses that potential buyers get of your property and can mean the difference between securing a viewing and being passed over for another house. 

If your estate agent didn’t use a professional photographer to capture your home your home in all its glory, it’s worthwhile asking them why and requesting that they have thephotos taken again. 

The asking price is too high 

Lastly, if you’ve set the asking price too high, this could be why you haven’t yet secured a sale on your home. Home buyers are much savvier than they used to be and will know what homes are worth and how much they’re currently selling for in your local area.

It’s worth knowing that some real estate agents will overestimate the initial value of your home as a means to incentivize you to sign up with them, so be aware of this. 

Written by
Zachary Douglas
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Written by Zachary Douglas