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Wedding Chairs

Top Easy Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Chairs

There are endless options when it comes to decorating your wedding chairs. You can add lace for a vintage touch, long strands of pretty coloured ribbons or even macrame for the latest boho trend.

Flowers are also a great way to decorate chairs. Adding them in as oversized bouquets or floral arrangements is an easy way to keep your wedding theme consistent.

1. Burlap

A classic and budget-friendly option, burlap can add a touch of rustic flair to your wedding chairs. It can be tied in fun knots and bows or used to create a chair back cover. A more delicate look can be created by combining burlap with lace. Burlap can even be personalized with monograms or names for a personal and intimate touch.

Sheer fabrics like tulle can also be an elegant choice for decorating your wedding chairs. Sheer fabric draped over the back of a chair adds a simple, pretty detail that looks great with any wedding dress style.

For a bride that loves flowers, a bouquet of burgundy dahlias and greens makes a stunning wedding chair display. Other floral accents that work well on wedding chairs include greenery garlands, sprigs of baby’s breath, and colorful paper flower bouquets.

You can also use ribbons to decorate your wedding chairs. Ribbons in a wide range of colors can be tied to create a beautiful, cohesive design. Ribbons can also be used to identify seating arrangements, such as ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ or ‘Best Man and Maid of Honor’ signs.

2. Lace

The right chair decorations can elevate your wedding chairs from simple seating to a standout component of your venue decor. If you’re having a rustic or vintage wedding, lace is an easy way to add an elegant touch to your seats. You can tie a lace sash around your chair, or weave it into the back for a more subtle design.

For a glamorous wedding, add a ruffled fabric seat cover in your wedding colors. You can also create a pretty look by weaving ribbon strands into knots or bows that dangle from your mid century dining chair. You can choose to go for a monochromatic look, or try to coordinate the ribbon color with your bridesmaid dresses and table linens.

Flowers are a classic choice for decorating wedding chairs, whether you have your florist drape floral garlands or use single stems to mark special seats. For a romantic touch, match your flowers to those in your centerpieces or flower arrangements that line the aisle. Alternatively, you could use pampas grass or paper pom poms for a tropical-inspired wedding.

3. Macrame

Macrame is the perfect craft for weddings as it can be used to add a pretty touch to any decor. From intricate ceremony backdrops and woven table runners to floral bouquet wraps and woven chandeliers, there’s so much this old-meets-new art form can do for your big day!

For a simple yet stunning effect, hang macrame hangings over your reception chairs. These can be personalised with your new initials or even a special message to make the occasion extra personal. Alternatively, you can also use macrame to create a gorgeous hessian table runner like this one from Simply Inspired.

Another great way to incorporate macrame is to decorate the backs of your chairs. This is a little detail that can make all the difference, especially if you want your guests to feel extra special. This is where the creativity really comes into play, with a range of beautiful materials and sweet sayings to choose from. If you are having a botanical theme for your wedding, try adding leafy garlands and multicolored kits to your chair backs like this beautiful example from Primp & Prop.

4. Faux Fur

Wedding chairs might be a subtle part of your venue, but they can make a big impact when decorated with pretty accents. If you want your chairs to have a touch of elegance, try adding strands of pearls to their backs. You can buy long, already looped strands to create the look, which saves you time from having to do the work yourself.

For a boho-inspired wedding, use twine to hang flower garlands or floral wreaths from your chairs. This is an easy DIY project you can do with your bridesmaids to save on wedding costs. For a more traditional aesthetic, ask your florist to create floral wedding swags for each chair or use pretty ribbons for a classic look.

You can also add signs to your chairs to identify seating for special guests like children or VIPs. Whether you opt for handmade paper or wooden signage, a simple monogram on the back of the chair will give it a personal touch for the newlyweds and their guests. This burlap “Mr.” and “Mrs.” sign is perfect for rustic or cottagecore weddings, or you could use a calligraphy script to include your last names.

5. Signs

If you are going with a non-traditional wedding venue or want to add a little extra flair to your ceremony and reception chairs, signs are an easy way to decorate them. Your sign can include your last name if you decide to share it, or it can feature a special word or phrase that reflects you and your partner’s love story. You can even have your wedding stationer create custom signage that matches your wedding invitations, like these watercolor calligraphy “bride” and “groom” chair signs.

If your big day is taking place at a beach destination, use large palm leaves to decorate the backs of your chairs for an earthy yet elegant look. Or, you can add a pop of color to your chairs with floral adornments. These sprigs of eucalyptus are the perfect accent to this boho bride’s rustic wedding, or you could add lavender petals for a fragrant and calming touch.

For a more unique wedding decor option, line your chairs with framed photographs or other pieces of art that you and your fiancé love. Mason jars are another great option for chair decorations, either tied with twine or lined with flowers.

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Written by John Winter